Musical interlude: My Cousin, The Emperor

I'm at the end of the painful process of finding a new apartment and haven't had a chance to write a new blog posting this week. So I'll end the week with a song by the Brooklyn-based My Cousin, The Emperor. Tom and I were invited by the band to attend their performance last night at the Gramercy Theatre**.

They just came back from a tour in the South where they listened to several of our podcasts while on the road. Our shows have been taken on many a roadtrip around the world, but I believe this is the first concert tour by credible musicians we've ever been on. Please search them out when they go back to the stage in a couple months. Have a great weekend!

**It opened in 1937 as the Gramercy Park Theatre, and for most of its life, it's been better known as a cinema -- first of art house fare, then many years of discount flicks. When I lived on this block back in the 1990s, the theatre exclusively featured Bollywood movies!