Southern Summers

I have a love for everything that represents the south and everything that deals with summer. What I love even more are the little things that put me in a southern summer state of mind! Growing up I can remember countless nights spent outside watching the lightning bugs and trying to catch them as it was beginning to get dark outside. We also put them in a mason jar with holes punched out on the top. I think Mom would let them go when I went to bed but it was always a good time. When the lightning bugs appear I know summer is here, despite the official start of summer date. Even now I love sitting on the porch and watching them light up! Other than lightning bugs I always look forward to summer for the BLT's! If you know me personally you know I LOVE tomato's! I could eat them all day, everyday! Tomatoes on any type of sandwich, plain with a little salt or added to pizza and pasta. But the best way to eat them is in between two slices of bread with a little salt, a little mayo, bacon and lettuce. Yum! Now I'm starting to think that if I had a BLT sandwich I could eat while sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair watching the fireflies I would be in Heaven. haha, oh Southern Summers are the best! I'm so glad we still have the next two months to enjoy!